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Investment to help Oregon’s small biz increase exports

SALEM, Ore. — The State of Oregon is investing $300,000 to help the state’s small businesses grow their exports. The announcement was made in cooperation with Business Oregon and the Port of Portland.

“The movement of goods in and out of Oregon is essential to the state’s health now and in the future,” said Gov. Kate Brown. “These investments help build a dependable and cost effective means for Oregon’s companies to access markets and grow during the current disruptions at the port and beyond.”

The Governor approved a $250,000 project to work with small- and medium-sized businesses across Oregon to identify common challenges for exporters. The project will deliver a list of recommended solutions to the 2016 Legislature.

The Governor also approved $50,000 to help resume air cargo service between Oregon and Asia after Asiana Airlines discontinued its cargo flights in 2013. Air cargo is an ongoing need that’s been heightened by the recent decline in shippers operating at the state’s largest port.

Of the 6,000 Oregon companies that exported last year, 5,300 were small- or medium-sized businesses. In 2014, Oregon exports hit a record $20 billion, up 12 percent from a year ago. Nationally, Oregon ranked No. 7 in its per capita value of exports in 2012.

Source: Gov. Kate Brown Press Release

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