High-paying jobs on the way in Oregon thanks to BioCatalyst program

PORTLAND, Ore. — A bioscience workforce training program exceeded its job placement goals. The Oregon Bioscience Association’s BioCatalyst program placed 74 of the 103 graduates in 2015. Not only that, but they were hired at salaries that surpassed both the state’s and the industry’s average wage. The graduates gained full-time jobs, with average salaries of more than $87,000.

The program was initially intended to help dislocated workers make a career change in the bioscience or advanced manufacturing realms. Courses were offered at no cost to qualified candidates.

The program also leveraged private industry know-how, which seems to have paid off.

“The BioCatalyst program’s deployment and outstanding placement ratio also conclusively demonstrated the important of direct industry engagement,” Oregon Bio Executive Director Dennis McNannay said in announcing the results.

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Source: Portland Business Journal

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